2 Kasım 2010 Salı

Client Onboarding and KYC Compliance

The GoldTier product incorporates all of the functionality required to effectively:
Manage the onboarding and maintenance of new and existing clients across a variety of teams including sales, relationship managers, operations, compliance, documentation, tax, credit and legal
Integrate compliance controls into the client onboarding process
Deliver Know Your Customer (KYC / AML), Customer Identification Profile (CIP), MiFID client classification, USA PATRIOT Act, and related client regulatory due diligence
Create transparency to stakeholders throughout the client lifecycle.
'GoldTier is creating a standard to address both the tactical and strategic challenges arising from the processes of client onboarding.' HSBC

The solution empowers financial institutions to:

Meet regulatory compliance demands: with automated due diligence processing and comprehensive client audit profiles on-demand
Improve time to revenue: with the reduction in paperwork and tightening of account opening cycle times
Control costs: with the automation of manual tasks, elimination of expensive repeat tasks, and real-time management dashboards
Enhance the client experience: with the minimization of touch points and repeat requests to your clients.
Each onboarding activity is tied back into a common onboarding framework, meaning client knowledge can be leveraged across all activities. GoldTier enables financial institutions to set policies, adopt regulations and then implement and enforce them throughout these activities.

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